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Hi! I'm Tiago. And I'm not a finance expert.
Nor a Money Guru. Actually, I'm an engineer (far from a financial or economics). But I have a Vision.

I'd like to build an online Personal Finance School. Why?! Because I'm (truly) concerned that if I don't personally pass some lessons about money to my son, he's going to grow without the basics of financial literacy. Unfortunately, many other million kids. But this is wrong.

I truly believe that this should be part of all education systems in the world. But unfortunately, it isn't. And, because I don't want my kid to grow without learning how to have a relationship with money or any other financial basic concepts, I've decided to look for a solution.

I would like to create an online space to provide those tools. My vision and dream are to help future generations growing with financial literacy foundations and a toolkit for their lives.

Do you share the same concern and vision?
If so, I need your help because I don't know literally how to bring this dream to life. It's much bigger than me. I don't know what would be the ideal format, what content to include, how to test, etc...

Please subscribe if you are concerned with the same topic and have a similar vision, so we can build this journey together.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts :)


P.S Wondering who am I? Just an ordinary human, like you. Follow me here @tiagomvalente

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February 1, 2021
5:00pm UTC

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